Several Variations of Ceiling Fans Style for Design and Size

ceiling fansWhat is more pleasant than to live in a house that is decorated in lovely design? A great interior décor includes all sides of house like the ceiling decor. There are many ways you can do to enhance your ceiling look. You can choose ceiling fan for decoration. It is also a nice choice if you are decorated your room in classic or vintage style. As you know, the ceiling fan has an antique look that is fit to the interior design with this style. Moreover, you should know that are some different types for the ceiling fan.

Several types of this fan are about the switch design, speed varieties, materials, blade’s design and size. All ceiling fans check out at are made for both aesthetic value and functionalities. The fan is commonly designed with the lights. For the simple designs you can flip the switch or pull the cord to turn on and off the fan or the light. Then, for more elaborated design, the fan is equipped by a remote to change the speed of fan or set the light. Next, for fan speed, the design is commonly made for three speeds. However, some designs also come with four and more speed.

The fan can be placed in all rooms. Because not all rooms have same condition like humidity, the fan is made of some materials. For the rooms with high humidity and always in wet condition like bathrooms, kitchen and many more, the blades are made of material that can resist of the dump and moisture. Besides, the fan design also must fit to the room size. The sizes of blades are commonly available at a range of two to four feet. Furthermore, the blade’s numbers are also varied, like three, four or even five blades for a ceiling fan

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